Thursday, November 25, 2004

Never in all of my life did I think I would be happy to hear campy piped-in Christmas music. I went to a local department store this evening after work and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" was playing on the loudspeakers. Knowing I was the only one in the place who actually knew the words was a strange feeling. It felt really great to hear English being sung in the store...I even teared up. If I were at home right now I would probably be complaining about the omnipresenece of the
%^*%# Christmas music. Just goes to show you what a change in perspective can do!

Speaking of music, I picked up the new Eminem album. Pure genius. Every time I think he can't get any better, he does.

Monday, November 22, 2004

I have been going to the gym now for the past few months and it's really starting to pay off. Things are (big surprise) different here in Korea. The gym has some interesting equipment, including vibrating belt machines that look like they could shake the bum right off of you, and an upside down-hangy-board thing. Very interesting. Being the adventurous traveler that I am, I have tried both. I won't try either again.

I have always liked working out and have liked the look of "being fit". Women here do not attempt to get fit, and they especially shy away from the idea of building muscles. There are a few women who go to my gym but I have never seen any of them lift anything heavier than a one-pound weight. They are an interesting species. They do not run, they do not lift weights and they certainly do not sweat.

Consequently, the men at the gym don't know what to make of me. I run my butt off and I try to lift as much weight as I possibly can. Needless to say, I usually get stared at (more than the normal "Hey, that lady is white!" stare). It's good motivation because I always feel like I am representing white-gym-girls everywhere. No need to thank me.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

So, here is another piece of useless trivia about Korean trends in hairstyling. At home you have to wait until you are at least in Junior high to dye your hair (or at least I did). Here, you have to wait until you are about 6 months old. I have seen more babies with permed and coloured hair than I could shake a stick at. Not that I have ever wanted to shake a stick at a baby. Just last week, Mark showed up in my preschool class with a perm and some serious streaks. He is five. This is about a month after Hans showed up with a seriously feathered new coif. It's unbelievable.

Speaking of preschool...we had a demonstration class here last week for kids who will be starting at DDD in March. One of the classes was full of kids who were born in 2002. I have underwear older than these kids.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I am embarrassingly behind in my blogging. I do this all the time. I am still journaling my Africa trip from 2002...still writing in the present tense. It's stupid. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop!

Since I was lagging behind so much I have missed writing about the Presidential Election, Korean's idea of Halloween, a weekend in Andong, the arrival and subsequent death of our pet turtle, some great new friends and Arafat's death. It's not that I didn't have a lot to say, I just didn't want to say it in the wrong order. JC.

I am abandoning my current system and initiating a new policy. Write when you want to and catch up in the meantime. Sound good?

Brian and I have set a date for our wedding, which is pretty exciting. He first pitched the idea of getting married in Hawaii about three weeks ago. It started out as a crazy idea and both sets of parents latched onto it like rabid dogs. It quickly snowballed into reality. So, we are getting married in February in Haleiwa, Hawaii. I am so happy not to have to plan a wedding! When we first got engaged, I tried to get into the whole "Martha Stewart" wedding vibe, and it worked, for awhile. I soon realized, however, that I don't care about table linens, china patterns, aisle runners or cake toppers. Now, I don't have to worry about anything! We are having a barefoot beach wedding and the reception will be onboard a ship...all taken care of. So much more my style. Take that Martha.