Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An American company is now selling "Canadian Kits" for Americans who don't want to be plagued with policy questions while travelling. Can you believe it?! The kit apparently includes a flag t-shirt, patches for your backpack and stickers for your car. It also encourages the "undercover Canuck" to throw "eh" on the end of their sentences and answer any questions with "Wayne Gretzky". Yeesh...I am glad Canada has managed to escape it caricatured image.


Ian Knox said...

That's great, but does it come with a Tim Horton's mug? That's the new Canadian "flava".

Terri said...

Do you think that people will start picking out the Americans due to their blatant over-Canadianness?

The t-shirt, pin and backpack patches are a bit much. Most of us just stick a little flag on our bag and call it a day.