Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where the Chips Fall

What the hell is coming to the world? A monkey named after an online Casino? That is far worse than naming your child "Chip" or "Bubba" - this affects an entire species...forever! What were these people thinking? Okay, so maybe it's funny for the first five minutes but then when you stop to consider what has actually been done and what idiots we are going to look like a thousand years from now, it's shameful. Obviously I am not in tune with the rest of the world. Gays want to get married? Sure, why not? The Pope? Sad but inevitable. Sports scandals? Don't care. But a monkey named after an online gaming site? Now that pisses me off.

It pisses off the monkeys too...they just don't know it yet. When they evolve enough to talk (and they will) there are going to be some very confused and angry talking monkeys out there.


Chris O'Leary said...

What about sports sandals? Do you care about those? When monkeys learn how to talk I think they'll end up working as phone solicitors. That or they'll be working the PA system in subway stations.

Amy said...

Isn't Golden Palace the same place that bought the vision-of-the virgin-Mary-bearing grilled cheese?