Thursday, June 23, 2005

To Shelagh With Love

Holy crap. I just got an email from Anne Pennman, Executive Producer at "Sounds like Canada" and they want to air my story! I pitched it to them a few days ago (thanks Justin!) and didn't really think they would go for it because, hey, it's Sounds Like Canada with Shelagh Rogers...and I'm just little old me. But they did and now I am so excited I could puke.


Hungry J said...

Nicey Nice.

Of course, since my mom reads this blog I've now got to come up with good explanations for why I'm such a slacker and not selling pieces to the CBC.

Seriously though, that's wicked cool. And I'd love to see what you wrote for your pitch.

terri said...

What's the story on, Caroline? Congrats, that's awesome! Be sure to let us know when it will be airing.

Suzanne said...

Congrats. Let us know when. What's the story?