Thursday, July 21, 2005

2 Minutes and Counting...

Speed blogging...the extreme form of communication. There are eleven minutes left on the internet ticker and I have five days worth of catching up to

Spent the last few days in Railay beach (near Krabbi). We stayed in a cute little bungalow in the jungle...Brian, myself, a few geckos and an unidentified animal in the roof. We ate delicious food (often delivered to us on the beach) and I got a killer foot massage. We played with macaques (those are monkey-like animals for you urbanites). Brian went climbing and I did a lot of reading (Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" - highly recommend it). I relaxed and I swam in the ocean everyday. We invented a new card game called "Piss Off" which is a lot like Go Fish except it's more complicated and far more therapeutic.

Brian's leg is bruised from the ankle to the knee and is all sorts of technicolours from his stint in the mosque fountain. But in better news he won a big scholarship for law school...well done babe.

Tomorrow we are heading to Ko Phi Phi (where they filmed The Beach) for a few days. The tsunami devastation was evident in Railay but we have heard it is far worse where we are going. Will let you know...

That's it. Two minutes left to publish. Just the bare links and all that fancy jazz. To my friends and family I miss you...write me some emails.

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terri said...

Isn't "A Shot History..." great? I left my copy with my dad -- I'll have to steal it back when I go visit. I feel like I probably missed so much when I read it, because there's just so much to absorb.

I just finished "The Mother Tongue" by Bryson and I'm reading "Made in America" right now. The first is a history of the development of the English language, and the second looks at American English specifically. They're both very good, and they solved the mystery of why Newfoundlanders call ants "emmets".