Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just another crazy CBC'er

Yesterday I got mugged! Okay, so it's not as melodramatic as it sounds but I was still pretty excited. The CBC Eye Opener (Calgary's morning radio show) has been going around town each week giving away CBC mugs. Every morning I drive to work listening to Angela Knight giving away her coveted mugs and yesterday morning I was shocked when I realized she was just around the corner at McMahon Stadium. I had ten minutes to make it to her before she closed up shop and drove away for the day so I gunned it. I pulled up, jumped out of my car and ran towards the CBC min-van yelling, "I've wanted one of those mugs forever!" And a slightly frightened CBC host gave me one!

So, if you happen to live in Calgary and heard me ranting and raving like a lunatic on the radio yesterday morning, what can I say? I got a wicked mug. And I finally did some contract work for Calgary CBC One. Awesome.

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Bobbi said...

You crazy kook! I did that once too, except it was for a Jones Soda Pack which tasted like all the trimmings from Christmas dinner. I plowed down a few peeps on my way to winning and made it on TV! Then I gave it to Ian for Christmas. It tasted like crap and if I'm being truthful, I didn't run down anyone on the way to winning because no one else wanted the stuff...