Sunday, January 13, 2008

Move Baby Move

This baby is breech and despite my best efforts to roll and move and twist her into place, she's not moving. It's like she's stuck with her head under my ribcage. If she stays this way I will have to have a c-section and her head will have taken on the shape of, well, my ribs I suppose.


Eileen said...

Hi Caroline,

Just to let you know it is taking weeks for your posts to appear on your blog. Today is the first day I have seen a posting from you since December 10th!!

Eileen said...

I cannot believe Baby Knox-West will soon be a part of this world. What an amazing time for you, as a woman and for you and Brian as a family.

Congratulations on going AGAINST THE DOCTOR'S WISHES AND VISITING IKEA!!! At least the nursery is ready!

Jennifer said...

Hey Caroline,

Has your Dr said that they absolutely won't deliver the baby breech? I only ask because Chuck and I are using a midwife this time around and I was just reading about how midwives have experience delivering breech babies and consider it common practice delivering a breech baby.

One of the four kinds of breech is called Frank and I of course couldn't stop thinking that if I had a son delivered in the Frank position he could be my Frank and Beans.

I know it's a lame joke but I still HAD to use it.