Monday, September 01, 2008

To Paisley: Seven Months Old

The first few months of your life were fairly limited in scope. You went where we took you, ate when we fed you and went to sleep wherever, and whenever we put you down. Lately, you have become an active part of the world around you and are interacting with people and things much more. You tell us when you're tired, you want things and will reach for them if they are far away. For some reason you really like beer bottles. I blame your Dad. You drool without shame. You are trying to move and just this last week have started doing what your Dad and I refer to as "the worm". You can imagine what it looks like.

The world of food was opened up for you this month and so far, you've loved every bite. Okay, so there haven't been any bites per se but you have loved every food you've slurped on. The first few times we tried feeding you it mostly ended up on your face, in your ears and on your shirt. I was worried you didn't like it and would end up being that kid running home at recess for a quick snack on the boob. Once you got the hang of it though you went gangbusters. Sweet potatoes, green beans, peas (obviously somethings aren't genetic), carrots, peaches, mangoes, bananas, strawberries, prunes (obviously some things are genetic) and of course, cereal. You love it all. As soon as you see your sippy cup, which now signifies meal time, you start to grunt and shake. You vibrate and stare at me, mouth hanging open, until a spoon appears somewhere near the vicinity of this open mouth and you start to take wild mouthfuls of air until you hit spoon. Then you squeal, swallow and repeat. Later, in a gustatory salute, you barf.

I am enjoying being home with you so much that sometimes it surprises me. I had heard horror stories about the stress that having a baby can put on a marriage and how hard it can be to adjust. Maybe we're just lucky but things are better for me than I can ever remember. I am happier and more relaxed than I've ever been and things with your Dad and me are fantastic. Having you has cemented a good relationship into a great one and I don't really even know why. I have to admit that part of it is probably due to the fact that all the hours I used to spend thinking about the state of our marriage are now spent gazing at you. Your Dad has to talk about things (horrible his feelings) a lot less and that's probably healthier. It's easier to feel like we are on the same team now since the evidence is always right there in front of us. Drooling.

You went on your first hike this month. You slept for most of the way down but you seemed to enjoy it. You also went to your first baseball game and watched the Okotoks Dawgs defeat the Swift Current Indians in the final game of the play offs. At one point during the game your Grandma spotted a friend of hers across the stadium and so she grabbed you and hoisted you above her head, beaming like she had just won the playoffs. I guess as far as Grandma's are concerned, she has won the playoffs. You went to Waterton and had a picnic with your Grandma and Grandpa Pierson. Usually when we go to Waterton we camp, but this time, mostly because I had visions of you being ejected from the tent every time your Dad or I rolled over, we stayed at a B&B. I made a little bed up for you on the floor and you slept like a log. We could hear the waterfall from our window and the evening was cool. I loved waking up that morning to see you lying there, smiling at me, and knowing that this was one of many adventures and trips that await our little family.

Still no teeth. But lots of drool...did I mention that yet? You are moving around in your crib a lot and twice now your Dad and I have found you wrestling the GIANT elephant that my Dad bought you. We have since moved it from the corner above your crib. You twist yourself in the blankets, kick things around and basically turn somersaults until one of us comes to get you. You are always happy and smiling and laughing. Oh that laughing - it gets me every time. My Mom always jokes that you are too good and that I don't deserve you. I know that isn't true, because, kiddo? We were made for each other.


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