Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Campus Bound

I have decided (despite the fat that it is one of my New Year's resolutions) that I will not be attending the BlogHer Conference this year. I would love to go but I really can't afford it. I was going to use one of the two free tickets we have with NWA but then we are left with one and I would rather that Brian and I go somewhere together. We are looking at moving and we simply can't move, pay off student loans and send me to Chicago. So, those of you who are going, enjoy and have a drink for me!

But, in mildly related news I started my Web Design and Management class last night and plan on using that to work on strongasaknox as well as my soon to be incorporated communications firm. More to come on that later. It was good and although it is very XHTML focused I will probably take a CSS class after that and then, who knows. Although my poor little brain is out of practice and found the three hour class long, it felt good to be back in a classroom again. Neurons were firing.


Anonymous said...

Taught me everything - hope that helps :)

Chuck said...

Can I make a different suggestion? The Head First books are usually the best ones for learning that I've ever found. Other resources are better as reference books, but the Head First books were designed from start to finish to actually get the information into your head.

Here's the link to Head First HTML with XHTML and CSS.