Monday, September 20, 2004

It is just after 7:00 on Tuesday morning and I haven't slept yet. Not because I was up all night partying or because I am sick. My bedroom is a comfortable temperature and I did not nap yesterday. Nope. It's because of a mosquito. One, tiny but loud buzzing biting machine that drove me to seek refuge in the living room. It's not even the prospect of being bitten that concerns me. (Although I will say that mosquito bites here are far worse than they are at home.) It's the knowledge that a silly little thing like a bug can bother me so much. It had me tossing and turning. I was suffocating myself by sleeping under the blankets just to avoid it. Slapping my face every time a piece of hair brushed my skin. It was ridiculous. Now I am writing about it. It has won. That little bugger has gotten the best of me. That is, until I smash it into oblivion.

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