Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gimme Some Credit...

Today I was told that I belonged to The Bay. They are annoyed that I need an hour on Sunday's to go to hip hop (don't they understand, that's my church?) and an hour on Wednesday nights to skate. Apparently having a life, even a life that is only two hours long, outside of work is unacceptable. Oh, and they want me to work Christmas and New Years. Something tells me that I won't be there very long.

Which leads me to divulge the following insider information, free to anyone who chooses to use it:

1. They don't want your money, they just want you to sign up for the credit card. That's how they make their money. You can use this to your advantage; sign up for the card, get the discount and then pay it off immediately at the till. Yes, you can do that. Then you get the money off and they never get a red cent in interest. (Which sits at a criminal 23% I might add)

2. The Bay will adjust your price for two weeks. If you buy something and it goes on sale within two weeks, you can take your receipt in and get the difference back. And guess what? That applies to Boxing Day too...go in, get your pick of styles, colours and sizes and then spend your boxing day having your sales associate work for you.

3. It's illegal to adjust prices up but the Bay does it. They cut the old price ticket out and print up a new one. If you see a gaping hole where a price should be, pretend to call your MLA or lawyer and see what happens.

So there you go...use it as you will. And tell them associate # 14351464 sent you.


Eileen said...

At least Brian is studying law because I smell a lawsuit a-brewing. However, were I in Canada I can assure that I would be queueing at the front door, clutching my card and "cheat sheet", while being asked by security why I was examining clothing tags with my portable microscope.

terri said...

I would like to state for the record that I never priced-up merchandise. I did, however, break a different law -- I would give people things at the sale price before they actually went on sale (Thursday if the flyer was starting on Friday, for example). And I usually did it on luggage, where the sale price was 40 or 50 per cent off.

What, I was going to let them go buy it at Sears?

Anyway, yes -- those credit cards have a grace period of about 21-days, so if you pay it off right away you'll never pay interest. And if you miss even one payment, those fuckers will knock your credit limit down a couple of hundred bucks. They like to mess with your credit rating.

Oh, and the sales associates get lots of HBC Reward points for getting you to sign up for those cards. They aren't trying to save you money, they're trying to get free shit. One of the woman I worked with bought a washer and a dryer with hers.

I always got reprimanded in my annual evaluations for not getting more people to sign up for credit cards.