Monday, March 07, 2005

World Wide Weird

Am I the only one who thinks the official North Korean webpage is a strange combination of creepy and humorous? I know Kim Jong Il is a nutcase and has killed people, divided families and snuffed out democracy, but he has a weird magnetism about him. He's like a naive, socially retarded, megalomaniac.


Anonymous said...

Caroline, that's because Kim really cares about the people.

05:03 09Mar2005

N.Korean leader Kim wants seconds to be hours

SEOUL, March 9 (Reuters) - For a man who makes rare public appearances, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is still pressed for time.

According to an article in the communist daily, Rodong Sinmun, Kim choked up during a recent meeting with factory managers and those who run small businesses when he said the demands of running the impoverished state have left him little time to sleep, a Japanese Web site that monitors North Korean news reported on Wednesday.

"I wish one second could be one hour so that I can work more for the nation and the people," Kim reportedly said, according to the Web site, .

Kim later told the group he will be able to take a good rest when his people live well.

Food and energy starved North Korea relies on international charity to feed its 22.5 million people.

Terri said...

That was me. Oops.