Friday, January 27, 2006

This post is so unpolitical it's groovy...

I've been feeling really great lately and I kind of want to bottle some of it and save it for a day when I'm feeling lousy, because eventually it will come. I feel happy and positive and optimistic and although I wasn't exactly in the depths of despair before Christmas, I wasn't feeling too confident either. I didn't want to throw myself in front of a bus so much as just trip into one so that people noticed I existed. "Did you see that crazy bitch? She just fell into the side of the bus! Look her face is all smooshed up against that hemorrhoid ad!"

I'm training for a sprint triathlon (which involves a 750m swim, 20 km bike and a 5 km run)this summer and so far it's going well. I'm starting off slowly and that's probably a good thing. In the past, whenever I have embarked on some kind of fitness program I have gone a little psycho at the beginning, only to peter out in the middle. This time I am going to swallow my pride and start as slow as they want me to. Anyway, I'm excited about it and curious to see how it all goes. I have my first swimming class this weekend, followed by my first U of C intramural volleyball game on Sunday night.

I'm working on some jobs and I am hoping so badly that I get the one I'm after. I will keep you posted. I feel better now then I did before though. Partly because I am actually going to places in person and talking to people. So even if I don't get the position I've left the house, interacted with another human being and possible left an impression. It's all good.

The house is coming along really well and I promise I will put some pictures up soon. There is a reason, however, why you don't see makeover "during" pictures. During usually doesn't look much better than "before"'s the "after" we're after.

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