Saturday, February 11, 2006

Caroline's Life - January 28th, 1991

Dear Diary,

I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile but I seriously lost you! So many things have happened since the last time I wrote. I went into junior high , got new friends, and new clothes, gone to at least 10 parties, got my hair cut short and I'm about to turn 13!! A teenager at last!! The school I switched to is Birchwood school and my favourite teacher is Mr. Jette. There are 36 kids in my class! And a lot of guys to choose from. But Mum won't let me date or let me invite boys to my party. Who ever said age 13 is a hard age was right! I wish I was cooler and people (guys) liked me but I'm too ugly for that, with my glasses and flat chest! I'm stuffing my shirt right now, 2 kleenex a day! I don't know what I'm going to do cuz next week we have a pool party! There are a lot of nice guys in the class like
(exhaustive list of practically every guy in my class) NONE of the guys will ever like me more than a friend and even that is disputable. I'm so UGLY!! And I'm too hyper and weird. Mum and Dad bought a pool table - it's fun! Got to go, bye!

Agonizing...absolutely agonizing.

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