Monday, February 20, 2006

Family Pies

I have to be honest and tell you that my birthday kind of sucked. I was home alone for most of the day, with no car, little money and way too much time to think and contemplate the passing of time. Most of my birthdays in recent years have included some kind of party...some friends, some alcohol and enough of a celebration to remind me that I'll always be young at heart. This year was quiet and that made me feel a little old.

But, things did get a lot better the day after my birthday. Craig (the eldest of my two younger brothers) surprised me at my front door! I was so happy to see him and we had a great time hanging out. He completely annihilated Brian and I in Risk but otherwise it was great. We went out to stay with my parents on Saturday night and I took them for Korean food. That didn't go over so well. My Dad and brother liked it (despite my dad's remark that the noodles were like "boiled rubber bands") but my Mum didn't fancy the strange flavours and combinations. I of course loved it and it made me miss Korea all over again.

Yesterday we drove out to Bragg Creek in my Mum and Dad's new car (so nice!) to enjoy the beautiful weather. The mountains looked radiant and the sun was shining over the foothills. It was perfect. We stopped at a little bakery and had a coffee and some fresh baked pies. It was a nice little day with my family and it reminded me of why we moved back home. Pies and my family on a sunny day in the mountains. That's reason enough.

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Doug Sephton said...

Thanks for the link to my Bragg Creek Gateway to Kananaskis web site. I thought I should point out an issue of some concern here in Bragg Creek that needs to be recognized. Kananaskis is a beautiful place but it is at risk. I should say the Elbow Valley and West Bragg Creek areas in particular are under increasing pressure from industrial interests. Companies like Compton Petroleum, Shell, Husky, Petro Canada, Conoco Philips, Burlington Resources and a host of smaller exploration and development companies are planning or currently building access roads, pipelines and well sites (there are about 100 active wells in the Elbow Valley). The multi-use management plan is not working. Industrial users are pushing recreational users out. They are doing irreparable damage to the environment which affects wildlife and the natural habitat.

PS If you need any graphic design or web development work done at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, please drop a line.