Monday, September 24, 2007

Kanye...last name West

The baby kicked me! Four he was beating on a drum. I was sitting in my Mum's kitchen in Okotoks, having a cup of tea when it happened. Thump. I just stopped because I knew right away what it was.


Also, as a side note, we have decided to temporarily name the baby Kanye until we can find a real name. We thought it was funny. Apparently, so far, nobody else does. Let's hope Kanye inherits our sense of humour, otherwise this is going to be a very long 18 years.


Eileen said...

Ha! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am rolling around laughing here!! Kanye West!!!

How can people NOT find that funny?

Bobbi Brownrigg said...

Careful- some of his plastic still say Kayne.

The Millionaire said...

that's fantastic... though i was leaning more towards Adam.

Really excited about how well this is going for you guys!