Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last night Brian and I went to see City and Colour. It was an awesome concert and the venue was perfectly suited to Dallas Green's silky voice. He did a an a capella song that left me bumpy.

It got me thinking about all the concerts I have been too over my life and I decided to compile a list. An eclectic, sort of weird, list:

The Northern Pikes
Colin James
Barenaked Ladies
Alanis Morisette
The Skeletones
New Kids on the Block (x2)
The Proclaimers
Blue Rodeo
Chris Shepard (does he even count?)
Jann Arden
JP Hoe
The Killers
Soweto Gospel Choir
James Blunt
City and Colour
The Philosopher Kings
Blue October
Nelly Furtado (It was free. Just so you know.)

I feel like there could easily be another half a dozen or so. There are definitely a few hazy memories from the University era. I may have been at the concert or I may have been at a house party with a really good stereo. Not sure.

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