Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have become obsessed with the story of Maddie. She was born prematurely, but was due about the same time as Paisley. She was cute and I had enjoyed following her life as written by her Mom. I saw so many similarities between Paisley and Maddie and although she was often sick, Maddie had an obvious zest and love for life. And then she died. All of a sudden, with very little warning, Maddie's lungs gave out and she died. I have been checking the blog two or three times a day since then. I have cried more times than maybe I should given that technically, I never knew Maddie. I feel so much for her parents and her family and my heart aches for everything they have gone through. Of course it has made me appreciate the times I have with Paisley that much more. Sometimes I will be out at the store or the park with Paisley and Maddie will flash through my mind. I stop and hug Paisley or give her a kiss because I am so damn lucky.

I am so impressed with Maddie's parents and how they are coping. I know they feel like they are falling apart but I am continually shocked at their level of compassion and ability to share their pain with the world. Nobody ever wants to go through that but I find the idea that Maddie's life has affected mine, and made me appreciate my little girl that much more, very powerful. While they would obviously just prefer to have their baby back, I hope it makes Heather and Mike feel a little less alone to know that Maddie is not forgotten.


Chuck McKinnon said...

This reminds me of Dear Elena, written beginning in 2006 by a father who very rapidly and unexpectedly lost his daughter to meningitis. She reminded me a lot of Jocelyn and was only a year or two older. It's incredibly sobering to read such personal stories, and just as you describe, they make me incredibly grateful for (and almost undeserving of) our family's relative good fortune.

Chuck McKinnon said...

Eek. Proofreading. "Incredibly" twice in a row, and it should read "make me feel" grateful and undeserving.