Thursday, July 15, 2004

A kid in my class today was wearing a white outfit with the words "Gay Land" written all over it. His name was Leo...or maybe it was Roy. I teach 91 kids and there are probably only 15-20 names between them. Each child is assigned an English name when they enroll at the school and the teachers who have been doling out the names are either very lazy or extremely unimaginative. Sally. Annie. Max. Justin. Sam. Molly. Juliet. Mat. Gina. Oh and I also have a Hans and a Hoya. One day someone got creative.
We went to the immigration office today to register with the local "authorities". It involved a taxi cab ride from one end of the city to the other and back again. It was a great chance to see Daegu. It's a huge city (pop. 2.7 million) and we haven't really learned our way around yet. The taxi ride only cost us $10 for the roundtrip and about about five years from my life. The driving here is insane. There are no lanes, no rules and no seatbelts. Just a blur of cars and a string of near misses.
I am sitting here writing in a PC bang ("bang" seems to mean room. There are DVD bangs where you can rent a DVD and watch it in your own private screening room) with about 100 other people. All I can hear is shooting noises and groaning. The kids here are really into PC games and it's kind of eerie sitting in a room with so many people and everyone glued to their screen. Ah well... 

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