Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Today is supposedly the first day of the three hottest days of the year in Korea. It is no coincidence that it is also the day set aside to eat sacholt'ang - or dog soup. It is believed to be very healthy and is also thought to provide stamina in the bedroom. Move over Viagra, here comes Poochie.
Let's talk about squat toilets for a moment shall we? It's not that I have a problem with them because I don't. I am a squatter from way back. It makes as much sense anatomically as western-style toilets and they aren't difficult to use. I am able and willing to admit that I did encounter some backsplash problems during the first couple of days, but the problem has since been fixed. Facing the right way has made a world of difference. My problem is that the plumbing here cannot handle toilet paper (or so they claim). This means that at a school with 600 hundred students, there is a huge amount of discarded and used toilet paper in the garbage can. It smells okay at about 11 in the morning, but by late afternoon the stench is overwhelming. The fact that I can conveniently flush the toilet with my foot doesn't outpower the smell...ugh.
YAK. Have you heard of it? It's awesome. I know this probably sounds like an advertisement but, what the heck...if you like a product, endorse it! All you have to do is dial 10-15-945 from any phone in Canada and it is SO cheap! It goes right on your home telephone bill and there is no need to sign up! Ha! Ha! You can call the US for about 5 cents a minute and I think it's only about 9 cents to call here. Yak away people, Yak away.

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