Friday, July 23, 2004

So, I wouldn't say we have been lied to so much as misled. We kind of misled ourselves I guess. When we signed on for this job in Korea, we were promised 10 days holiday and every national holiday, of which there are 20+. Great! That's like a month off in total right? Wrong. Holidays in Korea happen on the weekend. Oh the misery! Since this country consists entirely of workaholics hell-bent on defeating the Japanese, the work week is six-days long. So that means that any holidays that fall on a Saturday are holidays for the Koreans but not for us. It's also different from at home in that if it falls on a Sunday that does not mean you get Monday off work. No way. So as it turns out, this year New Year's falls on a Friday. No day off! Christmas? Saturday. I swear this is some kind of sick joke.

It has been so hot here...above 35 degrees Celsius every day. Our apartment has AC though and so does work. Thank goodness.

I have a confession to make. I have done some internal "tssking" in my life at people who have made fun of the way Asian people talk. The whole L and R thing - I thought it was exaggerated if not false. It's neither. We have a reading book at school and one of the character's names is Larry. If I hear "Rarry" one more time I am going to scream! Rarry and "peesh" for fish. They have a hard time with R, L, F, P and W. I stand corrected...and amused.

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