Thursday, July 22, 2004

My kids at school were so bad today. They actually made me cry (which admittedly isn't all that difficult, but still...) and what makes it worse is that my partner teacher went and told the class they made me cry. Oh good.

Other than that things are going fairly well. I am having a hard time getting to a computer. I can check my email but as far as posting on the blog goes, it takes too much time. There are two computers at work and about 10 people wanting to use them at any one time. I have started "blogging" at home on my laptop and figure I can just post them when I get a chance. It's not perfect but it's going to have to do. I think Brian and I are going to end up getting internet at the house pretty soon. We'll see...

I ate octopus for lunch today. It didn't taste too bad (like rubber really) but the suckers on the tentacles sort of stuck to my throat. They eat live octopus here in Korea (mine was dead, thankfully) and apparently every year one or two people die from the octopus' suckers attaching to their wind pipe. What a way to go! For the octopus and the wind pipe..."The Octopus and the Wind pipe" that sounds like a good name for a story. Heh.

Brian is having a harder time adapting to things here than I am. Could be the one ice-cold beer I drink everyday after work that is making the difference. The beer isn't that good but it goes down smooth and bubbly. Just the way I like it! I look forward to that beer (I have limited myself to just far) everyday as it has come to signify the end of the day and a retreat back into normality. Oh God, I sound like an alcoholic. Here's a quick side note: normality. It's such a good word. It sufficiently describes what it is intended do and so, fulfills the purpose of a word. Why, in 1956, did some dude invent normalcy? I don't know but it bugs me. It doesn't bug me as much as the more recent trend towards blending the two words into "normalacy". Just one of my little grammatical pet peeves.


We have been noticing that a lot of the cars around here have little cross-stitched pillows in the windows. Most of them have a phone number and "I'm Sorry" or "I love you". At first we thought people left them on car windows after a parking lot collision or something, but it turns out they are for parking. It is illegal to park on the street here and so, if you have to nip into a store quickly, you can put the pillow on your window so they can call you on your cellphone. Not a bad idea! They have a lot of good ideas in this country, (they have some bad ones too but I am trying to stay positive and culturally respectful) like handles on their watermelons. When you buy a watermelon it comes in a rope "basket" with a handle. Ingenious.

I got my alien card today. I am now officially a legal alien. Very cool.

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