Thursday, May 06, 2004

So, here it first Blog. After dragging my feet and fighting against the ever encroaching plague of technology I have succumbed. So now what? I thought I would start by telling you a bit about myself. I will disperse with the necessary but meaningless: I am a 26-year-old (gulp, dare I say it?) woman. I hate that word. I still think of myself as girl or a "chick" but never a woman. I wonder why that is? Anyway...

I recently finished journalism school at the University of Western Ontario in fake London. Where everything is named after the real London but nothing is even remotely like the real London. What this city lacks in creativity it makes up with its strangeness. Not quite big, not quite small, it is full of money and trees. It is situated on the banks of the Thames River. Downtown houses St. Paul's cathedral. There is Oxford Street, Piccadilly Square, Covent Garden Market, Middlesex College and Trafalgar Park. Pall Mall Street leads to Victoria Park. Wait, it gets better. On Saturday mornings in the summertime there is a red double-decker bus that drives people around. I am not kidding. I wish I were.

Okay, back to me. How do I go about describing myself? The problem with this is that people often do not see themselves how other people see them. If you know me will you even recognize me in my own description? Do I try to imagine what others might see? Maybe a little bit of both...

I see myself a little differently every day. I am sensitive and funny. In a twisted, irreverent kind of way. Jesus jokes are my stock in trade. I feel things passionately. This is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I feel so happy and awed by the world around me that I feel as though my head could burst. When I feel down it gets so bad that I have to try my damnedest not to walk in front of a bus.

I am extroverted in that I am outgoing and energetic. (Okay, some may call me loud.) In contrast I am also a homebody. There is nothing I love more than a hot bath, flannel pajamas and a good book. I love to dance and my favourite place to do that is in my bedroom in front of the mirror. That way I can go through an infinite number of "costume changes" if I see fit.

I cry easily but I laugh even easier. I feel passionately about everything and I love to explore the world around me. I have a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. For my honours thesis I studied the effects of Prozac, Amphetamines and Ecstasy on dendritic morphology. I really love science. I love the rational nature of it. I love the scientific method and I am frustrated when other people fail to see its eloquence and usefullnes.. You have a hypothesis or a question, you test it with an open mind, in an honest attempt at finding the truth, you examine the evidence objectively and then you answer the question. Its perfect. It allows for errors and mistakes to be celebrated as advancements and I don't know anywhere else where that is the case.

I am tired of writing. I always have such high expectations when I begin to write, only to find that I soon begin to peter out. That's what is so great about blogging though - it doesn't really matter.