Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Today is my last day in London...I am leaving tomorrow to go home. I feel mostly good about it, relieved actually. I don't like it here. I like it even less with no job, few friends, no money and no possesions. I am on a first name basis with the guy at the Greyhound station (Jack - see, I told you.) who has been helping me ship my stuff home. Every day I lug five big boxes downstairs, to my car and out again at the station. My body hurts and my belongings are probably in the Manitoba vortex somewhere.

I got royally screwed up the ass the other day by the girl I am subletting this apartment from. I sold her some of my furiture, which was exciting because it's all I have to sell, and we agreed that she would pay me $185. We also agreed that I would pay $30 for the three days past the 15th that I have been stayed. By the time she got home that night and emailed me, she was charging me $150 for the extra three days and just calling us "even" with the furniture. Arrgghh!! I wrote her back, which felt great, and told her where she could go. So far, no response. I am giving my furniture away to the girl next door and leaving...I don't get any money out of it, but at least she won't get the furniture. Some people.

Brian officially quit his job yesterday. He was pretty nervous about it but I think he feels better now that it's done. Soon enough our little adventure will be underway.

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