Sunday, May 09, 2004

Well, it's another grey day in London, Ontario. I can't believe that nobody ever warned me about this weather before I moved here! You would think that someone would have thought to mention..."Just so you know, it's wet and grey and cold there everyday for most of the year. Oh and it rains all the time. And you'll never see the sun. Enjoy!" You would think, wouldn't you?

So it looks like I am going to Korea to teach English. Or maybe Taiwan. Either way, I am not hopping aboard the train headed for career, family and security. Yay!! I have avoided it for at least one more year. It was close...I saw that train approaching down the tracks and for awhile it looked appealing. The shiny engine, the hypnotizing hum of the rails, the plush seats where you can relax and watch the world pass you by. Watch the world pass you by!?!?! Wait a minute - I don't want THAT!

Now I have a million decisions to make about moving, selling my car, buying plane tickets, choosing a destination, packing boxes...from the minute details to the big picture. It's kind of stressful since every decision seems to be leading to five more but that's life I guess.

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