Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I am addicted to gimchi. Now, had you told me back home that within a month I would be craving a spicy, fermented cabbage dish for breakfast I would have laughed in your face. And here I am. I

I have to do telephone teaching a couple of times a week at my school. The idea is essentially to get the kids used to talking on the phone. It's an exercise in futility really because they have to answer questions that are basically pulled right from class so there is no spontaneity at all. Except for my preschool class. Tonight I called them and when I spoke with Hans and asked him what his favourite meat was he replied, "Caroline-teacher is my favourite meat." At first I thought he hadn't understood the question, "No, meat Hans." "I know teacher. I am a monster. I eat people." Oh. My bad. I think that is the reason I love my preschool so much. They are still thinking for themselves. Hans also spent all day trying to look down my shirt but I can take the good with the bad. :-)

I started back at the gym this week and in typical Caroline style I went crazy and worked out way too hard. It's not really my fault. The Olympics were on the TV over the treadmill. I was watching the athletes and running my ass off. I just couldn't bear to let down my country...ahem. I mean if they can do it, so can I right? It doesn't matter that they have been in training for years and I am a recovering sloth. At any rate, I can't really move today.

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