Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I have had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I am a teacher. I always fought with my teachers growing up and now I am one. Wait, it gets worse. Today I was a substitute teacher. They sent me to another school in Bongduck to teach until their new foreign teachers arrive. It was really weird. It's a Ding Ding Dang school too (the chain is really big - more than 20 schools just in this city) so the textbooks were the same and so were the techniques, rules etc. It was sort of creepy to be thrown into a building that sortalooks like where I work , with kids who look a lot like the kids I teach and play the same games and read the same books and get the same puppet answers to "Hello" and "How's the weather". It was a little "Twilight Zonish".

I had a student today who was wearing a pipe around her neck. I saw the cannabis leaf as clear as day and couldn't help but ask her where she got her "necklace". "Expo" she replied. "Oh, it's really nice. What does it do?" (looking at the obvious holes in each end and the reservoir on one side) "It is necklace." she said with a silent "stupid" thrown on the end. She must have been 11 at the most. Too funny.

There is a big case going on here right now because of cell phone tracing. I'm really anti-cellphone, so I don't know if they have this at home or not, but here they can detect where you are when you answer your phone. Apparently the parents here love this feature because as soon as their kids answer their phone they can pinpoint exactly where they are. I have parents calling their kids all the time at school just to make sure they are there. Anyway, Samsung Korea is in hot water for tracing the wherabouts of their employees. They men were suspected of trying to start a union (heaven forbid!), so the company started tracking where they were going, whether/where/when they were meeting etc. The employees only noticed something was up when some suspicious charges showed up on their bill. Very Orwellian.

What do you call a chicken who is too smart to cross the street?
A Rhodes Scholar. Ha! Ha!

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